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"Fools fail as often as wise men; only the wise men prefer to call their failures 'experience'."

While we are confined to our homes, doomed to stare at our professors and friends from afar, a longing ache to return to the manic madness of college life is beginning to settle in all our hearts. And being the pretentious folk that we are, there's nothing better than a little self-indulgence!

REC Pedia brings to you a sip of Maalik ki Chai, wherein we sit down (over the phone) with some of our most experienced seniors and pry them about every little detail of their illustrious college career until they have to come up with an excuse to drop the call. Here you'll find some insightful info, some sensational secrets, and answers to questions you didn't even know you wanted to ask. From the highs and lows of organizing Arambh to the mental gymnastics of being the Official Media House, Maalik ki Chai has a flavor for us all.

Maalik KI Chai: Service


Maalik KI Chai: Pro Gallery



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