Behavioral disorder in children

Raising children is difficult, and raising difficult children can be life disrupting.And they have to face many problems at a very young age. Usually we see that some children grow up prematurely. The meaning of this is that their age was very young but the way of living, The way of thinking is not the same as that of children.At a very young age, their attention gets attracted towards wrong deeds and they keep on moving towards the same wrong work after that they have to face many problems at a very little age Like Mental health problems in children and adolescents include several types of emotional and behavioural disorders, including disruptive, depression, commiting sucide,anxiety and pervasive developmental (autism) disorders, While they should study at that age, they should pay attention to good research, but they waste their life in wrong work.If we see such a child in our society, then it is said that this child is a little advanced but his mental condition is not seen Maybe that child is moving in the wrong direction somewhere.. being advanced is not a wrong thing. Stay advance for your society, for your country. that you can do something good for them and not your tendency towards wrong things This kind of change comes in children only when they do not get proper guidance or support. Or it can also be said that their friend circle is not good, their parents are not able to give some time to their children from their busy schedule.Then with whom should the child share his problem and after all this, those children start searching the solution of their problem in social media Where they get to learn other bad things because if social media is good for many things then it is also bad for many things.Due to all these things, their behavior becomes very wrong. We always see in the news that small children are committing crimes, they are doing wrong things.And because of all this, wrong things happen every day in the country, there is a need to stop them and they can be stopped only when children get a good upbringing As well as they get a better guidance with best people.

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