Conquered Destiny

In life, we come across two kinds of people, The one who believes in persistent efforts and the one who always execrate their destiny. And eventually, you will always end up thinking who is better? The one who is diligently working & giving their best shot or the one who is sitting ideally and expecting the prolific outcomes.

Destiny implies that there is some power which decrees or determines the course of events beforehand. In destiny there is no choice or chance left. On the other hand, Some believe that destiny is ultimately what you arrive at in your life. Some destiny believer said ‘Life is a stage on which we play our role’. These People always believe that we can’t change our destiny as all what we are doing, what will happen next is already determined beforehand. But there are people who believe to change their destiny. Everybody has certain goals and dreams in their life.These dreams are at the center of who you really are. It is the core essence of who you are as a person and the purpose of being you.

Living your dreams for destiny or god to fulfill. Is it good?

Your dreams are your calling. Something for which you have to put some efforts in order to fulfill it. Committing yourself towards your dream is a best way to change your destiny. In life, nothing is predestined as everything is an outcome of your persistent efforts. As once a wise man said "We are the creators of our own destiny". Therefore, choose to follow your dreams. It is our utmost responsibility to focus on our actions rather than it's consequences. As If you are willing to change your destiny through your actions, then definitely you will.

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