Stigma and Society

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Stigma refers to a mark of disgrace, unacceptance, and shame associated with a particular illness, circumstance, quality, or towards any person.

The stigma around mental illness was first identified in 5000 BC when individuals drilled the skulls of individuals, who behaved differently to relieve them from the symptoms of a demonic presence, which is now known as mental illness.

People with emotional, cognitive, and behavioral problems should be given the same respect and access to treatment as physical illness. Healthcare should be healthcare.

Sadly, various studies show that due to stigma people blame themselves for having problems and resist seeking help.

So, if you know someone dealing with mental illness - reach out, express acceptance, listen without judgement, show empathy.

And don't forget to be happy and take time for yourself. Coz a happy environment is deemed to create a healthy lifestyle.

"Create a medium you most enjoy. Dance to relieve your stress. Paint to express your pain. Sing to announce your joy to the world even if you don't know the words. Take some time for yourself, embrace your creative side. Even if no one else sees what you make, it is worth it !!"

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