Struggle Between Ambition & Doubt

Here's a short story,

In Jaipur's Literature Festival, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, a visionary leader, while addressing the youngsters gathered, shared, that back when he was at ISRO, one fine day Satish Dhawan, then chairman at ISRO, gave him the responsibility to make a rocket system so as to put the satellites in the orbits. Back then, India didn't have its own rocket systems. So it was quite a responsible task. He was doubtful as there were many superiors who could have been chosen for leading it.

"Why me? Will I be able to do it?"

He was confused and doubtful.

This ambiguity with our thoughts, self-doubting ourselves, sometimes acts as a heavy stone struck in our path to our destinations. Missteps makes us fall into traps of confusion and overthinking. It then becomes difficult for us to take that one small step towards our goal, as we feel we are still unsure about it. And with all such things going on, we end up being caught in circular loops reaching nowhere.

"A big shot is a little shot who keeps on shooting."

These were the words of the visionary, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He believed in himself and his young team and made the first ever rocket system for India-'India's very own rocket launcher'.

"For all your days prepare

And meet them ever alike

When you are the anvil, bear –

When you are the hammer, strike."

Edwin Markham beautifully writes how there will be good and bad days.

It's just we have to never doubt on our ability and strive to get the best

of the present.

The former President of India, Dr. Kalam dreamt to fly and hence tried to become a pilot. But out of the 10 members, he was the only one who was dropped by the selection panel as only 9 were to be selected. He was initially disheartened. But then he became the President of India and asked the Air Chief to train him to fly.

One way or the other your dreams do fulfill when you work truly towards them. You just have to embrace the uncertainty, believe in self, and wait to witness how beautifully the things might have been carved out for you !

Do things with a motive of what you can give rather than what you can get ! Your actions will definitely reward you back.

And as Neil Armstrong says, you never know which small step of yours would become one giant leap for mankind.

Trust yourself!

Have belief on your inner potential and take that leap of faith !

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