True Belief vs. Consciously True Belief

Human, the most intelligent living being on the planet has been blessed with the thinking ability & decision-making based on the ideals & beliefs set by them.

Setting up ideals & following it, is a state of perfection which is the result of inclusive management of morality, ethics, experiences, history, and intelligence. Even though we know each of them separately, our achievements & ideals always seem to act like parallel lines, which never meet. This is the result of the kinds of beliefs we had in our minds.

Generally, we have two conflicting believes - One, is 'Belief at Work' & another, is 'Belief, that we consciously know is true'. And the parallel lines that lie between the Man's Ideal & its achievement is the consequence of the difference between these conflicting beliefs.

Let's understand it through an example - You go to a shop, purchase something, pay the shopkeeper & by mistake he returns you more money than you should be given as change; Now you know that you should return that extra money, given by him to you. This is the belief that you consciously know is true. But rather than returning, you keep the extra money, thinking "It's God Gift" or "My luck !" or "Everyone does this" blah-blah. So this is the belief that you used in action, at work.

Since Consciousness is temporary, Reflex action is permanent, our brain recognizes 'Belief at Work' as True Belief. But the problem is that, our behaviour is a reflection of true belief, and not of the belief that we consciously know is true. Thus the behaviour caused by this true belief takes us to a spiral, downwards.

We need to merge true belief with consciously true belief for positive behaviour, which led to the inclination in parallel lines of Man's Ideal & achievement which soon makes them meet and this could only be achieved by a Vision & Commitment.

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