Uncertain Future of Graduating Students

COVID-19 has affected everyone. Unfortunately, graduating students are unduly victim of party politics and role played by university is undeniably regretful.

India is a vast country housing the highest number of Homo Sapiens after China. Our demography is such that more than half of them are below 35 years of age. Ubiquitously, employing every youth is difficult, and certainly, the present crisis has made it more uncertain. The future of graduating undergraduates is indeed in vain. No doubt about it !

We annually produce Engineers roughly equal to the population of Mauritius. One can imagine the stress with which graduating students are going through. The clock is ticking and it is getting worse. Employment generation is declining at an alarming rate and surviving this crisis is difficult for employers themselves. Companies are facing trauma because of the accumulation of bad loans. It’s a vicious cycle and bubble can explode anytime.

June month is ending. Normally, semester exams get over by this time, and the result is declared soon after. Moreover, students get too busy for a better future that they forget everything else and focus on relevant topics only. But, we now know, 2020 is not a normal year. At least in Madhya Pradesh people are watching how these students have become a pawn in the hands of party politics and RGPV University. First, the timetable is declared then it is postponed indefinitely. Because of the rules and regulations taking the exam is paramount amid crisis. I ask if it is certain that the exam will be conducted and crisis is not going to end soon then why delay? Students should be relieved from exam stress so that they can focus on their future without worry. Already stressed youth should not be stressed unnecessarily.

Lastly, let us observe some statistics. A data says nearly 85 lakh UG and PG students will pass out this year. Every year, 10-14 lakh engineers graduate which is a gigantic number. These statistics can give a panic attack to anyone. Moreover, these students will have to compete with already experienced employees who have lost their job due to the deadly virus. Companies are closing and the government has a limited amount of seats. The future of graduating students is uncertain. Let’s hope for the betterment of final year students.

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